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Fruit Mask
60 MIN : IDR 800,000 NETT
A new concept in facial firming treatments which combine the innovative technology and natural enzymes of fresh papaya fruit. An alternating pressure of application of warm and cool pads using Thermodyn equipment stimulates the skin, preparing the face for the softening mask made from fresh papaya enzymes, rose water and natural clay which help combat sagging skin. Highly recommended before a special night out.

In 1955, Dr. Michael Babor laid the foundation for the company's unique success when he applied for a patent for his hydrophilic oil-based cleanser, HY-ÖL®. This product has yet to meet its match. To this day BABOR has worked to develop innovative cosmetics with mostly natural-based ingredients in its own research facilities and with support from the most renowned universities. The company maintains the highest scientific standards in creating products of the utmost quality and effectiveness. BABOR has conducted extensive research on people's skin to develop holistic skin care concepts in line with nature. Their products give clients an enhanced sense of well-being and help them accentuate their own natural beauty. BABOR believes in combining the best of nature with the latest findings from the world of science. For this reason, their products primarily contain natural, plant-based ingredients. These are developed on the basis of sound in-house research and in strict compliance with species protection guidelines.

  • Blue Lagoon Facial
    60 MIN : IDR 1,400,000 NETT
    Just like bathing in the clear, blue waters of the ocean. The blue lagoon treatment firms, freshens
    and thoroughly hydrates the skin as well as the mind. A wonderfully refreshing and hydrating treat especially suited to dehydrated, combination and skin in need of firming. Algae extracts firm the skin whilst adding much needed trace elements and vitamins to revitalize. A unique peel off mask for the face and eyes leaves skin looking plumped and hydrated. A fantastic treatment for special occasions.

  • Collagen Booster Treatment
    90 MIN : IDR 1,900,000 NETT
    "The Synergy of Medicine and Nature"
    Working closely with dr. Michael A. Konig, a leading authority in plastic surgery, BABOR developed DOCTOR BABOR treatments based on BABOR's longstanding knowledge and experience. With 99% collagen obtained from natural, freeze-dried collagen fibers that imitate the skin's collagen structure, supplying intensive moisture and promoting collagen synthesis in the skin, this treatment effectively reduces wrinkles, improves declining skin tone, and prevents the formation of lines and premature aging.

  • Oxygen Infusion
    30 MIN : IDR 550,000 NETT
    60 MIN : IDR 1,000,000 NETT
    This is a step to enhance the skin's transformation and specifically targets expression lines by cooling, calming and pressurized oxygen to increase serum absorption naturally. This improves the skin's moisture levels while vitamins and antioxidants protect the skin. A combination of light weight Hyaluronic acid and antioxidants instantly result in smoother expression lines and wrinkles, better volume and increased firmness. The skin will be deeply hydrated, balanced, looking healthy and glowing with vitality. This treatment can be added to your choice of facial.

  • Lagoon Customize Facial
    60 MIN : IDR 1,100,000 NETT
    “Recharge your batteries, experience revitalizing energy”
    Stressed skin longs to be refreshed and filled with vital new energy. Excessive sunbathing, extended illness, emotional strain and stress can leave the skin feeling taut, looking dull and lifeless. The Lagoon Customize Facial revitalizes the skin with energy-rich active ingredients and refreshes from the inside out.

  • Calming Sensitive Facial
    60 MIN : IDR 1,100,000 NETT
    "Care for sensitive skin, sense the unique harmony"
    Skin can be sensitive to nature. Our modern way of life increasingly exposes our skin to aggressive
    environmental influences that weaken the skin's natural protective mantle. It responds by sending out SOS signals, such as redness and a tingling feeling. The skin feels taut and itchy, and its moisture levels fall. This permanent lack of harmony can also accelerate the process of skin aging. This facial relaxes and calms the skin instantly. Irritations, redness, tingling feeling and tightness subside. The combination of pure plant extracts and oils regulate the skin's moisture levels, increase suppleness and protects against environmental damage.



60 MIN : IDR 600,000 NETT
A warm soak is followed by detailed cleaning of the nails, cuticle removal and completed with polishing your nails and finishing with your choice of color.

60 MIN : IDR 600,000 NETT
Procedures are the same as the manicure range, using products specifically developed for the legs and feet.

Nail Art
10 NAILS : IDR 300,000 NETT
Select from our tropical designs



Hair Spa - Inspirational Hair Treatment
60 minutes : IDR 500,000 NETT
Be inspired by this legendary traditional treatment using vitamin-rich virgin coconut hair nourishment. Relax under the rhythmic touch of dancing fingers, stimulates and softens your scalp, nourishes and strengthens your hair in a firm but relaxing massage of scalp, neck and shoulders.

Cut & Shampoo - IDR 350,000 NETT
Shampoo & Blow Dry - IDR 500,000 NETT
Hair Styling - IDR 600,000 NETT
Cut, Shampoo and Blow Dry - IDR 700,000 NETT



Half Leg Wax - IDR 500,000 NETT
Full Leg Wax - IDR 700,000 NETT
Bikini Wax - IDR 450,000 NETT
Underarm Wax - IDR 400,000 NETT

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